A suitable ticket for every occasion and every route

Please select the right ticket

To help you select the right ticket we’ve set out some examples below. Think about how many people are travelling, when and how often you are going to use the bus and train. Are you remaining in the city area or do you wish to travel to and from within the entire network?


Tickets bought before your journey must be stamped immediately upon setting off in the tram or bus.

Tickets bought from the bus driver or on the tram are pre-stamped.

I am a tourist and want…

….to be on the move in Freiburg during my short break!

(Welcome Ticket)
Price category 
AdultsChildren  (aged 6 to 14)
126 €16 €

…to explore the region over the next 24 hours and I’m travelling alone!

Price category
1 Person +
4 children up to 14 years
16,40 €
entire RVF network12,80 €

…to explore the region over the next 24 hours and will have family or friends with me!

Price category
5 persons
(regardless of age)
112,80 €
entire RVF network25,60 €

I’m visiting Freiburg’s exhibition and conference center (Messe Freiburg) and want...

…to travel by bus, tram and train for a special event!

Entry ticket = travel ticket for special services

This logo (RVF combi ticket) indicates that your entry ticket is also a travel ticket.

I’m here on business and want...

…to do just one journey in the Freiburg city area!

(Single ticket)
Price category
(aged 6 to 14)
12,30 €1,40 € get to a destination outside the Freiburg city area!

Price categoriesAdultsChildren (aged 6 to 14)
24,00 €2,40 €
35,70 €3,40 €

…to do a couple of return journeys within the Freiburg city area, but don’t yet know when!

2x4 FahrtenKarte
(2x4-journey ticket)
Price category
AdultsChildren (6 to 14 years)
116,60 €10,10 €

…to do a couple of return journeys within the wider network, but don’t know when!

2x4 FahrtenKarte
(2x4-journey ticket )
Price categories
aged 6 to 14 
228,80 €17,30 €
341,00 €24,50 €

…to travel around within the entire network but only now and then!

20 points, validated according to the
price category of the journey
14,70 €
Price categories1 Person
13 points
25 points
37 points

I am a student and want...

…unlimited travel for a whole semester and I am enrolled at a participating Freiburg institution of higher education!

SemesterTicketStudents enrolled at one of nine universities in Freiburg (only valid in combination with the student card)
entire RVF network94,00 €

…unlimited travel for one month!

RegioKarte Übertragbar
(RegioTicket transferable)
Ticket for one month
entire RVF network60,00 €

…unlimited travel for a calendar month and am travelling alone!

RegioKarte Basis
(RegioTicket Basic)
Ticket for a calendar month 
entire RVF-Network55,00 €

I’m a night owl and want... travel with the VAG night-time service!

RVF-rate+ tickets
(city tram)
RVG-rate + 4,00 €
(N46 and N47 + connecting taxi)

I want...

…unlimited travel for one month and am over 6 years of age and not yet at school!

RegioKarte Kind
(RegionTicket Child)
Ticket for a month

over 6 years of age
not yet at school

entire RVF-network21,00 €

…to travel within the RVF area and neighbouring transport networks over the next 24 hours, I’m travelling alone and already have a RegioKarte (RegioKarteTicket) or a SemesterTicket!

Conjunction ticket for 24 hours
1 Person, only in combination with RegioKarte (RegioTicket) or Semesterticket
entire RVF-network and neighbouring transport networks TGO, RVF, VSB, RVL und WTV.12,00 €